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Date: 05/14/06
Message By: Pi
Hi! Good Luck with your Website, I like it very much!
- Thanks Pi!
Date: 05/14/06
Message By: Amethyst
Hiya! I'm from the Little Ariel Forum! Your Collection amazes me! Wow!!
- Thanks Amethyst!
Date: 05/14/06
Message By: xJox
Hey Velvet! WOW! The site is looking really great! I'd just remove the .midi on the index page. I love the colours, and the logos, all the images and info... there's soo much and you've done an awesome job! Well done! :P xxxxxx
- Thanks xJox!
Date: 05/15/06
Message By: Mike
Absolutely beautiful TLM site!! A lot of love definitively went into this. thanks for making this site a part of everyone's world, Velvet :) Have a GREAT Ariel Day!!
- Thank you so much Mike!
Date: 05/15/06
Message By: monique_vanrooi
Hi! I like your site and you have a great collection
- Thanks Monique
Date: 06/15/06
Message By: Els
Your site is the best Little Mermaid site I've ever seen. Great lay-out, very detailed info, overall, TOP NOTCH WORK. Please keep it up :)
- Thanks Els, I will :)
Date: 06/12/06
Message By: Annie
I love your website! It's Awesome! I love the Little Mermaid and I am so glad you started an Ariel dedicated place! I love Collecting Ariel items!
- Thanks Annie!
Date: 06/20/06
Message By: Jennie
Your site is wonderful. I love The Little Mermaid. Its my personal favourite disney movie.
- Thanks Jennie! Somehow I believe it's my favorite Disney Movie too, LOL!
Date: 06/18/06
Message By: Mary
Hello!!! I love your site!!! Is amazing your collection!!!
- Thanks Mary :-)
Date: 06/20/06
Message By: Joanne
This website is really great i love the movie i have had the movie for a long time i found it in a box not that long ago and i just had to watch it its probably been about 6 to 8 years that i had seen it last thanks joanne.
- Thanks Joanne! I just can't wait for the platinum release with all the new stuff about TLM.
Date: 06/21/06
Message By: Chris
I LOVE your website! Your collection is HUGE! Keep up the good work! =D.
- Thanks Chris! but I'm running out of space =D
Date: 07/01/06
Message By: Diana
I'm a mermaid fan! Love your work!.
- Thanks Diana! I love TLM  too!
Date: 06/23/06
Message By: Lauren
Great site - I love all your Little Mermaid stuff, I wish I had that much, but I have a good start!!!.
- Thanks Lauren! ^-^
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Date: 01/09/07
Message By: Tablet
I like your site very much indeed!.
- Thanks Tablet!
Date: 01/09/07
Message By: Hanira
Excelente web los felicito me encanta!!!
- Gracias Hanira!! ^-^
Date: 01/10/07
Message By: Ashley Ariel
Site worth bookmarking, I love Ariel too!.
- Thanks Ashley :)
Date: 01/11/07
Message By: Alison
I love this website!! We're having a dance at my school, and we're having a cafe themed Ariel's grotto. Your pictures have totally helped to decorate. Thanks .
- That sounds awesome!! You should take some photos of the Cafe for us! Thanks Alison!
Date: 01/11/07
Message By: Danielle
I' love your website so much! Its fabulous and you have a wonderful collection! Is there any way for me to contact you with a question?!.
- Sure! you can email us to: . Thanks Danielle!
Date: 01/11/07
Message By: Riku
You have a most fantastic website :] .
- Thanks Riku! ^-^
Date: 01/15/07
Message By: Connor
This is a great website! Many thanks. This will be my first time visiting. I found lots of interesting things here. Cheers!
- Thanks Connor! I'm really glad that you like our site!
Date: 01/12/07
Message By: Neferet
Lovely site and great job with it... I love the movie ^ ^. Congratulations
- Thanks Neferet! We love the movie too and we're waiting for the new movie to be released soon ^-^
Date: 01/15/07
Message By: Natalia
I really Love Ariel, she is great and I didn't know that the 3 part will come and I'm so happy. I just can't stop looking to Ariel. Really she is great!!!. She is my favorite. Greetings.
- Aloha Natalia :) Ariel is our favorite too and we are so thrilled with the news of a new movie coming up soon! Yippee!!!
Date: 01/20/07
Message By: Stephanie
I really like the Ariel movie it was so elegant and I wish I could meet Ariel for real.
- Hi Stephanie! You can surely meet her in WDW or Disneyland. She likes to meet and greet in her Grotto!
Date: 01/20/07
Message By: Amelia
I am 6 years old and just want to say I love your website, it is great. You have a wonderful collection. Thank you for sharing and letting me know that "The Little Mermaid part 3" will be released in the future .
- Thanks Amelia! ^-^. I'll post more info soon about TLM3.
Date: 01/23/07
Message By: Amanda
I love it! I love it! i love it! I was beginning to think I was the only Little Mermaid collector. I have quite a collection myself. Even a tattoo of Flounder!
- Thanks Amanda! It's good to meet another fellow collector. If you have any question about any TLM collector items you can visit us at Mylittlemermaid Collector Forum
Date: 01/20/07
Message By: Essence Blue
My favorite character is the little mermaid i have her painted on my wall i have every poster toy u can imagine i even have the macdonalds toys
- Hi Essence Blue, Ariel is my favorite character too :-)
Date: 01/25/07
Message By: Kayla
I LOVE your page. The little mermaid has been my favorite  movie since i saw it in the theatre in 1989 ( i was 2 yrs. old). All my  life i've collected mermaid items, and of course, that included the  little mermaid. In my opinion it is the best disney film they have ever  made, and there won't ever be another one like it. and kids everyday are just discovering Ariel and falling in love with her and the movie. It's a  classic, like the wizard of oz. once again,your page is fantastic!!!
- Thanks Kayla! I also believe this is the best movie Disney have ever made! It's so magical!
Date: 01/26/07
Message By: Dionne
I love the little mermaid since i was 6 i love collecting so  much things i like it because its colourful and amazing!! :).
- Hi Dionne! I've been collecting since the first time I saw the movie in 1989 (My first item was a plastic cup LOL)
Date: 01/27/07
Message By: Emma
What a beautiful dedication to this character! Each visit has  been so exciting since I've first discovered it, and I love each  in-depth feature. Your collection is especially stunning, and I've loved  watching it develop! Please continue the excellent work.
- Wow, Thanks Emma! Those are some beautiful words, you made my day! :)
Date: 01/26/07
Message By: Laura
- Thanks Laura! :)
Date: 01/27/07
Message By: Cecilia
Hey there!  I used to watch The Little Mermaid when I was little, and I absolutely loved it! This site has inspired me to get out the old movies again.  Thanks a bunch!
- Thanks Cecilia! I still enjoy all the Disney Movies. They still make me smile!